Coding & Scripting

If you have a requirement for specialized instructions for your website, members, visitors, clients, and others! Our coding and scripting experts are knowledgeable and experienced in WordPress website markups and languages. Having issues with poor page speed and render-blocking above the fold content? Our experts can address these issues to ensure you have higher scores and are mobile-friendly.

Example of above the fold content includes the following, First Contentful Paint, First Meaningful Paint, Speed Index, First CPU Idle, Time to Interactive, Max Potential First Input Delay, Serve images in next-gen formats, Efficiently encode images, Defer offscreen images, Eliminate render-blocking resources, Enable text compression, Remove unused CSS, Reduce server response times (TTFB), Minify CSS, Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy, Ensure text remains visible during Webfont load, Avoid enormous network payloads, Minimize main-thread work, Reduce JavaScript execution time, Avoid chaining critical requests, Keep request counts low and transfer sizes small.

Render Blocking – Google Page Speed Insights

Having the same issue as this website below with poor page speed? Our experts can address these issues to ensure you have high scores and are mobile-friendly.

Page Speed Insights Page Speed Score

Check out our Portfolio and test our client’s websites on Google Page Speed Insights. All our clients have an average score of high 80’s to high 90’s for their page speeds.